Adam Gunther

Head shot of Adam Gunther
Adam Gunther is a musician, philanthropist, and investor living in Los Angeles. As a musician, Adam works in pop production, multimedia theater, and film scoring. He currently runs a recording studio and focuses on producing independent artists.

As an investor, Adam focuses on real estate and early-stage technology. And as a donor, Adam is active in Los Angeles’s vibrant environmental justice and criminal justice reform communities with a focus on policy and systems change.

He was the vice board chair of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition for three years and served on the board for seven. During his time at ARC, the organization grew from an upstart to one of California’s most far-reaching criminal justice reform organizations with a strong voice in the California Legislature. This experience provided Adam with a deep appreciation for policy and its impact on communities.

More recently, he has been active in the environmental justice movement and the fight to end urban oil drilling in Los Angeles via support and participation in the STAND LA coalition, which recently won hard-fought battles to phase out drilling in the nation’s largest urban oil field.

Adam will serve as treasurer of The Intercept’s board of directors.