The Intercept’s Privacy Philosophy

At The Intercept, we believe in protecting the privacy of our readers. The tools we use to measure the size of our audience are specially designed to shield our visitors from identification. We also seek to be fully transparent with users about our data practices and their privacy implications.

In this spirit, we commit to:

  • Avoid the collection or storage of information that can be used to help connect a visit to The Intercept to an individual reader (e.g., an IP address or browsing history) without explicit consent (e.g., newsletter sign-up, donations, etc)
  • Develop and model industry best practices to help protect the privacy of internet users
  • Educate users about the tools available to help protect their privacy both on The Intercept and across the internet
  • Use the encrypted HTTPS protocol for all connections to and within The Intercept (HTTPS helps prevent the interception of information exchanged during a visit to a website, including what specific pages a visitor is reading)
  • Provide a Tor friendly experience for The Intercept

Additionally, in the future:

  • We will work to prevent third parties used on site from collecting reader information without obtaining their permission through an “opt in”

For more information, please read our full Privacy Policy, available at A list of third party services currently used on site is available at Third Party Privacy Policies